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    Disk Buzy percent in Redhat Linux 6.1 ?


    I have one issue in the Linux server.

    DiskBusyPercent :

    Disk_Write_Percent>90.00 OR Disk_Read_Percent>90.00


    How to check this Disk Buzy percent in Redhat Linux 6.1 ?

    What could be the possible causes for this Disk Buzy percent?

    How to resolve this issue ?

    Any help....please.......


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    - iostat can provide the values
    - A graphing tool like cacti or collectd can collect those and show trends
    - and a monitoring tool like nagios, xymon can alert if thresholds are reached

    Cause of disk utilization is...
    programs need IO for their tasks

    How to resolve:
    Investigate what needs IO and why and in which way.
    Then either optimize the config or spread the load (e.g. use different spindles for logs, input data, output data or add more discs/controllers or use more machines)
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