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Thread: Error 127

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    Error 127

    Error 127 in STWorkbench(Eclipse) on building even the most basic code. Any suggestion on the solution to this problem. You can see the error i am getting in the screenshots attached.
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    I am running STWorkbench on Fedora16, with ARMv7 , ARMv5 and SH4 installed

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    Please attach bigger images. These are too small to make anything meaningful of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubberman View Post
    Please attach bigger images. These are too small to make anything meaningful of.

    I am using STWorkbench SDK Versioon: 4.1.1 build 20091008-1712 on Fedora 16.

    I have installed all three architectures(sh4, armv7, armv5) as I think they can
    co-exist. But when I try to compile any C file using either of the three, it
    does not invoke the compiler. Also, there is a permanent warning "Error
    Launching External Scanner Info General".

    When I browse through the folder /opt/STM/STlinux....all the files are present
    namely sh4-linux-gcc, sh4-linux-g++, same for armv5 and armv7.

    To add to it while choosing particular toolset, ARMV7(cortex A9) and ARMV5 are
    not present at all.

    Thank You

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