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    CentOS: VMware Tools does not function after kernel install.

    I am running CentOS 6.3 (latest version) within vSphere 5.0.0. I downloaded and installed the lastest kernel 3.7.4. Before I installed it, VMware Tools reported the IP address and domain name. Now it says it's "Not Running" after the kernel upgrade.
    I have reinstalled the Tools, but the problem persists and takes up more root partition space.

    Any ideas?

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    Where did you download the kernel from?

    VMWare may only certify their tools against officially supported (by Redhat) kernels. While the kernel packages in CentOS's repositories should qualify, if you downloaded the kernel source and compiled your own (or did a 3rd party kernel,) the tools may not function properly.

    Also, did you check if there are more recent VMWare tools package available for download? I know with nvidia drivers, if you update the kernel, you have to update the drivers.
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    You may need to reinstall the VMware tools package. I sometimes have to do that with VirtualBox as well, even though it is DKMS-enabled and most of the time automatically reinstalls when I put in a new kernel.
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    Google is your friend. Pre-built VMware Tools modules are based on supported guest operating systems. Changing a kernel version from something not shipped by RH makes the pre-built modules useless.

    Installing VMware Tools in Linux using a compiler

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    Thanks for the reply everyone. Unfortunately, I've completed most of those recommendations and procedures with no success. It is listed as "Not Running (current)". When I reinstall the tools, it says "Not Installed", which is even worse. I think I will just live without the tool.
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    Solved it! I just had to restart the service. There were a couple fails in the process but the IP and DNS name are being reported.
    /etc/vmware-tools/ restart

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