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    Create custom installer for Appliance (Fedora 11)

    Hi, Need help,
    Want to create an installation CD.

    What we are doing now is that;
    1. We install standard Fedora 11 (During installation we are removing some of the Fedora 11 packages that are not required like GUI, Java etc.).
    2. After Fedora 11 is installed, we run a script (that installs RPMs (like Squid, Open Swan etc., also compiles Apache and installs it).
    3. Then our appliance is ready.

    What I want to do is;
    How can I customize Fedora 11 installable iso, that components that we do not require are not installed, and the components/rpm we require are installed and configured?

    So, the final result is that we have a installation CD/ISO which when we run, installs Fedora 11, our defined packages (for which I have the RPM) and our custom scripts in one installation.

    Pratik Patel
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    • First of all, fedora 11 is end-of-life. It is no longer supported.
      List of Fedora versions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • If you remove packages right after install, why are they installed at all?
      Have a look at kickstart to choose the packages and groups you want and to automate installations. Anaconda/Kickstart - FedoraProject
    • And last: I wouldnt compile software on a target machine, if these target machines shall all be identical.
      Create RPMs from your custom build and maintain your own repository.
      Which then in turn can be used by kickstart at install time.

    So in short: I would package any custom software and offer it via a repo and then install from network via kickstart.
    An ISO can be used to start such a network installation.
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