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    CentOS 5.8 - 5.9 high ping when named is on


    when i did an update on the webserver true yum clean all and then yum update ping times are verry high and we have a lot of packet loss. when i stop the service named ping times are back to normal??

    server: centos 5.8 with kloxo webserver on it.

    can aneyone help me

    greets erwin
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    These errors do i have at startup after updates


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    When you use ping are you pinging with the host name or ip address?


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    Wel I managed to fix the problem by reinstaling bind in the kloxo control panel. This is how I did it. It may be not the best way but it worked fore me

    ADMINISTRATION > "servers" -> "Localhost"
    SERVER: LINUX > "Switch program" switched dns from bind to djbdns

    This removes bind from the server and installs djbdns.

    At this point the server did not have a working dns anymore, this because djbdns imports the settings from bind.
    After reboot from the server switched back to bind and fixed the problem with the fully qualified domain name for loopback and internal ip by editing the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
    Here I added the servername string “ServerName my-server-name”
    And edited /etc/hosts where I added the internal ip to the servername (loopback was already in there)

    Rebooted the server, and now no errors appeared.

    Finally I went back to djbdns true the kloxo control panel, rebooted again, now this works also.

    We now have a stable internet connection again, I still don’t know what just heaped.
    We have an ip range 1 of them is our connection to the internet for the domain (pc’s and domain servers) and 1 of them is for the webserver.
    Both of them are connected to the same isp router. Domain is behind an extra router with firewall.
    Webserver directly connected. Pings where done from the domain network to the google dns
    When we had bind on we had 60-80% packet loss and ping time from 500ms to 800ms from the domain network to the internet.
    When we disabled bind on the webserver we had no packet loss and ping times from 25 – 35 ms.

    Greets Erwin

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