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    Help to solve a ksh file setting error

    Dear All,

    I am confused to run my project in Linux. 3 script files I suppose to modify. I am instructed like this below

    " For UNIX/Linux systems, a makefile is provided. In order to compile the program on UNIX/Linux, change to the root directory of the project (where the makefile is located) and type make all in the command window.
    NOTE: Don’t forget to specify the correct architecture in the makefile as well as the compile script for the library (compile_mg1g1.ksh), i.e. ARCH=ia64 on HP-UX/Itanium64 systems resp. ARCH=x86_64 on RHEL5X64 systems. "

    Files I modified:

    I have attached the files I modified, kindly have a look

    compile_mg1g1.ksh - Lines: {19 to 21}, {59 to 64}



    compile_mg1g1.ksh - Lines: {19 to 21}, {59 to 64}

    ###file:/home/UsrAJ/Desktop/mg1g1_perfo/source #my actual folder path

    ###file:/home/UsrAJ/Desktop/mg1g1_perfo/source #my actual folder path

    #TMPDIR = $(PROJDIR)/tmp_$(ARCH)

    ###Modified by me
    PROJDIR = file:/home/UsrAJ/Desktop/mg1g1_perfo
    BINDIR = $file:/home/UsrAJ/Desktop/mg1g1_perfo/bin/$(ARCH)
    DRVDIR = $file:/home/UsrAJ/Desktop/mg1g1_perfo/bin/drv
    INCDIR = $file:/home/UsrAJ/Desktop/mg1g1_perfo/bin/drv
    LIBDIR = $file:/home/UsrAJ/Desktop/mg1g1_perfo/model/lib/$(ARCH)
    MODDIR = $file:/home/UsrAJ/Desktop/mg1g1_perfo/bin/drv
    SRCDIR = $file:/home/UsrAJ/Desktop/mg1g1_perfo/bin/drv

    TMPDIR = $file:/home/UsrAJ/Desktop/mg1g1_perfo/bin/tmp_$(ARCH)

    makefile - Lines: {36}, {47 to 66}

    PROJDIR = .
    #BINDIR = ${PROJDIR}/bin/$(ARCH)
    #DRVDIR = $(PROJDIR)/drv
    #INCDIR = $(PROJDIR)/drv
    #LIBDIR = ${PROJDIR}/model/lib/$(ARCH)
    #MODDIR = $(PROJDIR)/drv
    #SRCDIR = $(PROJDIR)/drv

    run_on_the_fly_test.ksh - Lines: {11 to 12}

    # test LINUX 64 bits (RHEL5X64) static version
    #./bin/x86_64/test_on_the_fly_x86_64.exe ./input/conm2check.ctrl
    ./bin/x86_64/test_on_the_fly_x86_64.exe file:/home/UsrAJ/Desktop/mg1g1_perfo/input

    While I am running the command ( in Run Command) : run_on_the_fly_test.ksh OR compile_mg1g1.ksh OR make all

    Getting message(error) like this: Unknown Host

    my Linux version is Konqueror 3.3.1 - 5.13 RedHat(using KDE 3.3.1 to 3.14 Red Hat)

    Somebody please help me on this issue ASAAPPP, where I am making mistake.....I am new to linux platform

    My project Folder Path

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Hello All,

    Why no reply???????, If I posted wrongly anything kindly help someone to identify what it is


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