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    what is "make all" command in Linux


    I have a make file for compiling stanalone executable. I am instructed to type "make all" in command window. May I know what is this command and how it should be used.

    While I typed this command in terminal window, I am getting following error

    compile_mg1g1.ksh # run mg1g1 compile script
    /bin/sh: compile_mg1g1.ksh: command not found
    make: *** [lib] Error 127

    somebody please help me what is this?????

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    Command window is the terminal. make will be a script that runs the compiler among other things so open a terminal and run
    make all
    in the appropriate directory
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    dear Elija,

    Thanks a lot for the reply. I will check that

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    Hi Ajain

    make utlity advantage come into picture when compiling large programs.
    If large programs there is no need to recompile entire program every time when small changes happen.

    make utility determines which pieces of the source code need to be recompiled and it issues commands to recompile only those particular portion since the last time the program was compiled

    Below is the make command syntax. Can be used without target

    make <target>

    When the make command is executed, it looks for a file named makefile or Makefile in the current directory. It parses the found Makefile, and constructs a dependency tree. Based on the desired make target specified (or implied) on the command-line, make checks if the dependency files of that target exists.

    four <targets> in the Makefile are


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    Dear Nix Savy,

    Thanks a lot for the very good answer, really informative. I will work according to that.

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