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    Pulseaudio over network, remote sound server w/ speakers

    I am trying to use a Fedora 17 box to run applications, and have a local desktop with an X11 server and pulseaudio for sound. Letís call the remote application server appserver, and the desktop with the speakers speakerbox.
    appserver is Fedora 17, with avahi, d-bus, kde, alsa, gstreamer lib , pulseaudio, and various mixers
    speakerbox is cygwin with avahi, d-bus, pulseaudio, cygserver, and sshd

    As far as I know, all the correct services are running on cygwin, but I do not get sounds from my apps to output on my speakers. The configs I have found via google arenít working (yet). I get no error messages in any logs, on neither appserver nor speakerbox.

    Some ideas?

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    Have you tried running the "speakerbox" functionality on a native Linux box first? Just so you can rule out Cygwin as a possible culprit, and be confident that your server side at least is functioning.

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    I have made some progress. For me, there least 4 separate tricky problems.
    1) Start pulseaudio on speakerbox(the default cygwin config says immediately exit!)
    2) Get appserver to use speakerbox at all
    3) Get appserver to use speakerbox automatically at login
    4) Get sperakerbox to start pulsaudio automatically when x server is started

    On speakerbox, I can start pulseaudio with "pulseaudio --log-level=4 --exit-idle-time=-1"
    Given that I have the various modules loaded and configured, the session-mode server will now wait indefinitely for a connection. With maximum logging on the console, I can see when a connection is made or attempted from appserver.

    I can manually get a connection by executing “pax11publish -e -S speakerbox”. Hurray, but I should not have to do this. There should be a way to put “load-module module-x11-publish” in and have that work at login. I don't want to write bash code to run pax11publish when logging in from certain hosts.

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