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    Terminals in linux

    hi can anybody tell me how check background terminals
    and how to open terminal /dev/pts/1. and i am currently working on /dev/pts/4 terminal

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    /dev/pts/XXX are opened automagically as you need them. The first time, it's pts1, 2nd time, pts2, ... 135th time, /dev/pts/135. Don't worry about it. I don't know if you can deliberately open a specific pts. They're allocated on the fly as you need them. If you're using pts4, that means you opened 3 other term windows before that. 'ps axuww' will tell you who is using them, and if not, they are closed.

    In a terminal window (xterm/rxvt/etc), type 'tty', and it will tell you what pts device it's currently using. Open another term, type 'tty' again, and you'll see that each term window uses it's own /dev/pts/thing.

    I just started my X Session a few hours ago and I'm already on /dev/pts/49.

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