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    Question issues getting sudo to behave

    (disclaimer - I am a new Linux admin, got dropped into the deep end of a RHEL deployment so I'm learning as I go here!)

    I'm trying to get 'sudo' to work for my database admins, and I think I have the syntax right but they're not getting the access that they think they need.

    They are all in the 'dba' group on the database server, and it is their primary group.

    In my /etc/sudoers file I have the line:
    %dba ALL=(oracle) NOPASSWD: ALL

    which, in theory (I think) should give members of the 'dba' group the ability to run all commands that the oracle user can run, without having to enter a password using the sudo command.

    Now, when they run the command:
    sudo su - oracle
    they get the error
    Sorry, user <users>is not allowed to execute '/bin/su - oracle' as root on <server>.

    This is throwing me off, because sudo should allow them to "su" to oracle to keep from having to sudo every single command they want to run. I'm so confused!

    Thanks for any advice or explanations you can provide.

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    The command
     sudo su - orace
    attempts to run `su - oracle` as root.
    You're looking for
     sudo -u oracle -i
    the -i is "open an interactive session" and -u is "as user oracle".
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    "sudo su - oracle" attempts to run 'su - oracle' as root -- so are you saying that the default sudo user is root, even if I don't specify it in my sudo command? I thought that's what "su" is for.

    OK, I just ran "sudo date" and I was prompted for 'oracle' password. I ran "sudo su" and was denied.... this makes sense now, since running "su" requires root privilege. Thank you!

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