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    Compiling Buildroot

    I'm newbie with LINUX and i'm trying to compile my buildroot under FEDORA 15 following the "Linux from scratch" after a long time compiling (about 3 hours) it ends with the following error


    find /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/lib \( -name '*.a' -o -name '*.la' \) -print0 | xargs -0 rm -f
    find /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/usr/lib \( -name '*.a' -o -name '*.la' \) -print0 | xargs -0 rm -f
    rm -rf /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/usr/share/gdb
    rm -rf /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/usr/man /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/usr/share/man
    rm -rf /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/usr/info /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/usr/share/info
    rm -rf /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/usr/doc /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/usr/share/doc
    rm -rf /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/usr/share/gtk-doc
    rmdir /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/usr/share 2>/dev/null
    make: [target-finalize] Erreur 1 (ignorée)
    find /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target -type f -perm +111 '!' -name 'libthread_db*.so*' | \
    xargs /usr/local/cross-rpi/usr/bin/arm-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi-strip --remove-section=.comment --remove-section=.note 2>/dev/null || true
    find /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/lib/modules -type f -name '*.ko' | \
    xargs -r /usr/local/cross-rpi/usr/bin/arm-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi-strip --remove-section=.comment --remove-section=.note --strip-unneeded || true
    find: `/home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/lib/modules': Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
    mkdir -p /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/etc
    # Mandatory configuration file and auxilliary cache directory
    # for recent versions of ldconfig
    touch /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/etc/
    mkdir -p /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/var/cache/ldconfig
    if [ -x "/usr/local/cross-rpi/usr/bin/arm-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi-ldconfig" ]; \
    then \
    /usr/local/cross-rpi/usr/bin/arm-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi-ldconfig -r /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target; \
    else \
    /sbin/ldconfig -r /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target; \
    /usr/local/cross-rpi/usr/bin/arm-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi-ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a shared library, skipping
    /usr/local/cross-rpi/usr/bin/arm-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi-ldconfig: skipping /usr/X11R6/lib: No such file or directory
    ( \
    echo "NAME=Buildroot"; \
    echo "VERSION=2012.05"; \
    echo "ID=buildroot"; \
    echo "VERSION_ID=2012.05"; \
    echo "PRETTY_NAME=\"Buildroot 2012.05\"" \
    ) > /home/makavelli/RaspberryPI/buildroot-2012.05/output/target/etc/os-release

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    Hello and welcome!

    I am not saying that is not an error, but why do you say it is? I see a few complaints, but no glaring errors.

    show the command you are running that causes this output. you can check the return value of the command by looking at the $? variable. so say your command is "make all", you could do this:
    [root@localhost ~]# make all
    (bunch of output)
    [root@localhost ~]# echo $?
    and if it echoes '0', it ended successfully (despite any warnings). if it returns a non-zero status, then yeah, you've got problems. one way to isolate the problems is to separate STDERR from STDOUT. you can do that like this (in bash):
    make 1>/tmp/make.out 2>/tmp/make.err
    in this example, the command i am running is "make", but you can substitute what ever command it is that you are running. so now all regular command output will get redirected to /tmp/make.out and only errors go to /tmp/make.err. it is kind of asynchronous that way, but at least you know for sure what is an error.

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