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    VSFTP restrictions w/file permissions (CENTOS)

    Good evening, I am trying to enable a creator of a file to be able to delete the file that was created, however, not allow other users to be able to delete files that they did not create.

    My permissions are set to allow for read of said created file by group and rwx for creator and --- for global. When a file is created, permissions are set correctly via Umask, the creator is set to owner and the creator's group is set to group.

    When logging in with another user whom should not have delete access and is not in the creator's group as per the permissions set, they can still perform a DELETE <file> and the file deletes.

    Is there something I'm missing here within vsftpd.config perhaps? It would seem as though the file permissions would restrict users and this wouldn't happen. I've been working on this for days and still unable to figure out why permissions are not taking effect.

    If I put a chmod +t in the folder that contains the files, then the permissions take effect, but it seems as though there should be some other method to make this work.

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    Have you checked file permissions are still correct, check once the permissions should 740 as per requirement. Please check as below:

    ll filename

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    Hi eurochoi,

    + Can you please check the permission on directory, where you are trying to create/upload files ?
    + Also Check the owner and group of the directory

    Warn Regards,
    Nikhil Shinde.

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