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    Taking backup or clone remote system

    Halo, I have search online for taking backup or clone hard disk of my systems which are located remote place of my city. Yet i did not find any successful manner to do it. Acronis or clonzilla clone hdd which are physically available. But I would like to to backup or clone of entire centos mail server/web server of my client from single location. I tried dd but that fails too. Any one have any better idea for that?

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    Did you try rsync? As for disc cloning remotely, I assume you can ssh to the remote system? If so, then you can start netcat (nc) on your local system listening for incoming connections on some port, and pipe the output to dd locally to the target image file or disc. Login to the remote system, and then start dd, piping its output to netcat which will connect to the listening instance on your local machine over the network. I haven't tried that, but it should work.
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    I can ssh remote system. I tried dd but when I restore data nothing worked. Is there any issue with linux version? I mean if I restore backup of 5.3 to 5.8, would there be any problem?

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    halo again, I've cloned my office pc, that pc had two lan card on it, eth0 and eth1, now i brought that hdd to my home and run it with my home desktop, all was ok but i'm not getting two lan card that installed at home desktop, can any one tell me why and how can i install lan card or lan card driver to home desktop?

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