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    hi the out i get is
    fuser -m /dev/mapper//VolGroup00-LogVol00
    /dev/mapper//VolGroup00-LogVol00: 1rce 2rc 3rc 4rc 5rc 6rc 7rc 9rc 10rc 12rc 13rc 177rc 181rc 183rc 244rc 245rc 246rc 247rc 248rc 455rc 485rc 486rc 487rc 490rc 491rc 496rc 505rc 516rc 542rc 1354rc 2022rc 2023rc 2086rc 2087rc 2209rc 2244rc 2248rc 2249rc 2250rc 2252rc 2256rc 2264rc 2585rc 2668rc 4392rce 4393rce 4394rce 4404rce 4405rce 4406rce 4407rce 4428rce 4430rce 4431rce 4443rce 4479rce 4508rce 4509rce 4515rce 4518rce 4520rce 4540rce 4544rce 4546rce 4550rce 4552rce 4557rce 4590rce 4596rce 4598rce 4604rce 4611rce 4623rce 4624rce 4632rce 4637rce 4641rce 4659rce 4660rce 4662rce 4674rce 4723rce 4771rce 4773rce 4774rce 4775rce 4776rce 4777rce 4778rce 4779rce 4780rce 4829rce 4872rce 5076rce 5164rce 5288rce 5515rce 5518rc 5519rc 5520rc 5521rc 5522rc 5523rc 5524rc 5525rc 5526rc 5527rc 5530rce 5642rce 5696rce 5700rce
    [root@yash1 ~]# umount /dev/m
    mapper/ md0 mem midi mixer
    [root@yash1 ~]# umount /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00
    umount: /: device is busy
    umount: /: device is busy

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    Two of us have pointed out that you can not unmount the "/" on a running LINUX system. And still you continue to find out how to do it.

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