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    Fedora 18 on USB stick

    I have downloaded fedora live 18 and using Windows LIVE USB Creator, as recommended, installed Fedora 18 live on a 4 GB USB sick. I also allowed the spare space on the for the Persistance.

    I can boot the Live USB. When I have it running if I change a setting, like the mouse settings, they work fine for that session but if I reboot the settings are lost. How do I save the settings on the USB stick?

    Finally how do I remove the "install to hard disk option at start up? I would like not to have to have this come up as I want the use the USB stick as my operating system on other computers when I am away from the office and then take the data files generated or edited with me and not leave them on the host computer that I was using.

    Or is there a better way?


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    Being unable to save changes would likely mean that something went wrong with the creation of the persistent 'overlay' function. What you are describing is what would be expected from a Live CD/USB install as it is read-only and changes are not saved on reboot. Did you use the site below at the Fedora Project to do this:

    How to create and use Live USB - FedoraProject

    You might review the process and try again. I don't use Fedora or windows but someone else might come along who is more familiar with either.
    You need to resolve this before you can remove the 'install to hard disk option'.

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    Yes I used the method as given in the link as you have provided. I used the windows version of "liveUSB creator" I will try again with the Fedora version ans see what happens.


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    Have fixed the issue of not being able to save the settings. Could not get the persistence to work using the graphical tools. Ended using the live-to-disk tools. That is all working Ok now.

    Now I need to remove the "install to hard disk option"


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