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    difference between initrd and ram disk

    hi every body, can anyone tell me what is the difference between initial ram disk and Ram disk. is these both r same?

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    initial ram disk is used normally for loading a fake root filesystem before the real one is loaded. ram disk is a portion of memory used as if it where a partition on a hard disk. They are different.

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    Exactly, a ram disk is a portion of RAM usually mounted at specific mount point, such as /ramdisk, whereas an initrd is a special type of ramdisk mounted as a root file system, i.e. on / .

    An initrd is usually populated at kernel build time with drivers that are necessary for instance to access the real disk in the system; the system boots with the initrd as the root file system, and once the relevant drivers have been loaded, the system is switched over to using the real hard disk. In contrast, a ram disk is empty when mounted and used for temporary runtime storage.

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