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    Setting Up Logical Volume Management


    I have an old server in my company's server room which was not been used (not attached to power cables, not powered on). Now, since the user's need to use it, I had to set it up.

    However, when I power on the CPU, the OS loads, and then gets stuck at this line (The OS is Red Hat Linux) :

    "Setting Up Logical Volume Management"

    I have attached two images of what the output looks like.

    Any ideas on how to resolve this issue??
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    Did you press Y as the second picture suggested?

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    No I did not. What does this do??

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaigini45 View Post
    No I did not. What does this do??
    What it does is explained in the image you uploaded, right after it says "1 seconds"

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    Here's what I normally do when a machine that's been sitting idle needs to be recommissioned. Open up the case, take note of what is plugged where, then one by one, remove and re-insert all slotted devices; don't forget the memory too. I normally wear a wrist strap to avoid potential damage due to static electricity.

    If you don't feel comfortable doing this, then I suggest you take the PC to a local PC shop and have them service it for you. They may even go the extra mile and blow out all dust/dirt they find inside the case with compressed air!


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    I booted the server with a RHEL 5.5 dvd, with the hope of being able to view the cat /etc/fstab for any errors.
    However I do not know the option to choose to actually load this table.

    The fun part is that after failing to get to this table, I just removed the DVD from the drive, and rebooted the server, and it worked!! However it takes a long time to load ( > 30 minutes).

    Is this normal behaviour??? If not, what could be the cause for this, and how do I troubleshoot it??

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