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    emb system tqm5200 fails mounting rootfs through nfs from fedora 18

    the tqm5200 board won't boot via nfs. the kernel 3.6.10 loads and boots ok via tftp, then the system like hangs and after five minutes reboots:
    [ 306.882182] VFS: Unable to mount root fs via NFS, trying floppy.

    [ 306.889433] VFS: Cannot open root device «nfs» or unknown-block(2,0): error -6

    [ 306.896900] Please append a correct «root=» boot option; here are the available partitions:

    [ 306.905546] 1f00 32768 mtdblock0 (driver?)

    the settings in uboot seem to be corresponding to /etc/export. where showld i look for the error? this is urgent, i've already dumped two days for this. please help!

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    hello and welcome!

    On the server side

    show what your NFS server is sharing by showing the contents of your /etc/exports file, e.g.:
    cat /etc/exports
    you can look for system messages in this file:
    and security related events here:
    make sure NFS is running on the F18 server, e.g.:

    ps auxww|grep nfs
    If a firewall is running, temporarily disable it. you can always punch a hole in it later:
    systemctl stop iptables.service
    with F18, it now might be:
    systemctl stop firewall.service
    try to connect to the NFS share from another client PC, to make sure that the server is working. you can use the showmount command on Linux machines.

    see if SELinux is enabled, just for kicks:
    On the client side

    is NFS support enabled in the kernel for the embedded device?

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