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Thread: apt-get Issue

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    apt-get Issue

    Hi all
    Well i got a problem with my apt-get command, it doesnt work anymore.
    It gives me the following messange;
    [root(AT)ugur3D lists]# apt-get install apache2
    Reading Package Lists... Error!
    E: opening /var/lib/apt/lists/download.fedoraproject.org_pub_fedora_linux_develo pment_rawhide_x86%5f64_os_repodata_f45a9932749812a d5b0943e77e7604b092c91b260b532b09c717817f5a5e5807-primary.sqlite db failed
    E: Unsupported database scheme (0)
    E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.
    [root(AT)ugur3D lists]#

    this error comes up with all, for example;
    apt-get install lala
    apt-get install php
    etc etc..
    I think this happend yesterday when i was shutting down my pc on a wrong way.

    Any help please?

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    Hi and Welcome !

    Which Linux distro/version are you using? apt-get is default package manager of Debian based distros and RedHat based distros use yum.
    It looks like you are trying to use Fedora repository in Debian based distro.
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    Hi and Thanks!
    Im using Fedora With Gnome on it.
    Redhat? hmm, Thats almost the same as Fedora right?
    And as normal we need to use Yum, insteed of Apt-get on those distro? o_O

    It looks like you are trying to use Fedora repository in Debian based distro.
    But how is this possible, a week ago evertyhing worked fine, untill i closed my os on a wrong way (Accidently)

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    I got the command working now, I simple forgot the apt-get update command to run
    thanks anyway!

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