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    fsck.ext3 unable to resolve 'label=var' 1.6TB var

    Hi guys..

    I am installing RH 5 64 bits in a HP Dl580.. the server has its local disk and an external storage p2ooo ....

    the idea is to create a big partition in the storage and /root in the local raid10.

    if I install my system creating / and /boot (dev/cciss/c0d0p1 2..) in the local raid and create /var in the storage(sda1) with let say 200GB, it works fine... but when I do the same with /var of 1.6 TB, after the system finish the installation and reboot I get this error:

    fsck.ext3 unable to resolve 'label=var'
    and the system go to maintenance mode(asking root password)

    there is not LVM configured.

    if this normal? should I do something different for that space of 1.7

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    Did you label the /var file system when created as "var"? That's the complaint of the mounter. If you need to relabel a file system that is ext2/3/4 you can use the e2label command: e2label /dev/sdXN var
    where /dev/sdXN X is the device and N is the partition, such as /dev/sdj1, where the file system resides.
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