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What distro are you running? The guys at Ultimate Edition really know their stuff. It's a fully loaded (To the hilt!) and themed Ubuntu distro that is quite capable. Some programming apps are already installed with this. Arch I've heard is also good as it is a "build it yourself" distro. Haven't tried it yet though.
Ubuntu 12.10. Yeah, generally people who release their own distro know a thing or two.

Arch is a great distro, though I don't have the need to run something super light like that. I mean I'm not looking for something heavy but at the present time Ubuntu isn't too fat. I tend to stay away from systems like Arch and Gentoo (though have toyed with both many times) simply because it's my daily OS, and I have very little free time, so I don't need to spend it fixing little things that should work out of the box - which would work with a more complete distro.