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Thread: Music under FC1

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    Music under FC1

    I have freshly installed Fedora(again), I know about the thing with xmms i installed that too but still i can't run mp3's what can i do

    another few thing(s):
    what is the correct command line to install a rpm pak?
    is there aq command line for running mp3's from a terminal or console?

    Many thanks,

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    1. It might help to use something newer than FC1
    • 1. That's weird, you're sure you installed the xmms-mp3 rpm?
      You could also try installing LAME, that might help too.
      rpm -ih <package>
      The -h isn't needed, but it does add a status bar. If you want to force it to install by ignoring deps, use --nodeps
      3. as for a command, depends on what player you want. MPlayer can play music files, but if you want a GUI progress bar/window, you should run gmplayer, which is the GUI version of MPlayer. MPlayer's better for video though, I strongly reccomend trying to get XMMS to work.

    -And it might be helpful to upgrade to Fedora Core 3, you never know.
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