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    How to mount nfs using automounter(autofs)

    I have an nfs at and will like to mount locally to /home/vm1/Desktop/nfs-mount using automounter...need help doing do

    What i did

    $cat /etc/auto.master
    /home/vm1/Desktop    /etc/auto.nfs
    $cat /etc/auto.nfs
    nfs-bind     -fstype=nfs
    And yes autofs is running and is reloaded

    [root@vm1 ~]# service autofs status
    automount (pid  3534) is running...
    [root@vm1 ~]# service autofs reload
    Reloading maps
    Is that the correct way to do that? If yes then why is it that its not working...nothing got mounted..nothing

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    Try using manual mounting on the client side i.e.,

    mount /home/vm1/Desktop/nfs-mount

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    see man 5 autofs ... manual file
    then through that configure /etc/auto.misc file
    In this file enter
    then startt the service
    mount ip:/path /path- give the path of directory to be shared
    if again getting the problem then check the permission of file.......

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    Not sure if it is still needed but back in the day, the /etc/exports file needed to show which directories were to be made available to other boxes.

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