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    Logs for the changes done to a file?


    I wanted to know where can I find logs for the changes done to a file on a mounted directory.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There is the timestamp, which tells you when the last change happened.
    User/group limits the number of persons being able to.
    And depending on whether this mounted directory is local or remote, you can check the logs of e.g. nfs or samba on who accessed the file.

    On a plain file, you cannot see the content changes.
    You would need to put that file under revision control, e.g. subversion or git.
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    As Irithori said. In addition, the system stamps a file with the last access date/time/user/group information. You cannot tell what was changed in the file, but you can tell who has accessed and/or changed it, and when.
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    As much as I plug this project, I should probably be listed in its credits somewhere, but have a look here: Syscheck ? OSSEC v2.7.0 documentation. Particularly the report_changes setting.


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    If you need more info. like notification as soon something happens on a specific dirs/file checkout inotify.

    [ If Its okay to run something fuse file system - then i would add a fuse wrapper - which logs who accessed which file. Drawback with fuse is the system will be become slow ]
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