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Thread: Gui on Centos

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    Gui on Centos

    I am a green to linux
    I have an assignment to create some scripts on linux and also to create a GUI that i can use in order to tun this scripts.
    I have no idea what tools are avalibale that i can crate a GUI on linux.(I am running Centos on Virtual box).

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    What scripting language are you supposed to use? What are the scripts supposed to do? Creating a graphical user interface for a script is usually done using Qt or GTK. I expect that whoever gave you this assignment gave you more details than you have given us. If this is a school assignment, nobody is going to do it for you and it against forum rules. You would need to show us what you have done to begin or at least give more details.

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    Thx,the task is to write SED command in a perl script,i cheeked QT and GTK ,AND IT SEEMS THAT qt is not free am i wright?
    Another thing i don't want u to solve for me i just hooped for some advice about the gui .Do i have to be root when i instull the GTK or the QT on virtual box?
    One more thing from what i seen the GTK at least this what i found it is not regular setup installation(double click like windows) i need to tun some command on the terminal in order to install it.
    Should i place it in certain path ?

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