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Thread: edit boot entry

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    edit boot entry

    So long story but...
    I am no able to get my mouse and keyboard powerd before the OS is loading.
    No i cant do anything, i cant even get to bios, reset didnt help cmos too...

    before i was able to use windows
    I had in my distru (fedora) downloaded a usefull tool called Grub2 costumizer, or something like that, i used that to set windows 8 to the top so it will load into win8 when noting is pressed (even when i press noting happend becasue i dont ahve power)
    So, right now im in windows and i want back to Fedora but i dont know how...
    I tried easybcd but i dont want to mess alot with it.
    if i do smth wrong, and i set exaple a non exiting os in the boot order, it will repeat that step over and over again in the grub, i cant choose antoher remember?

    So i am asking how i can do this from windows?
    how i edit the boot entry?

    Thanks already

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    The site below explains using the software (also has a download link) which is supposed to be able to read/write ext2,3,4 filesystems from windows 200 through windows 7. Don't know if it will work on windows 8. I've never used the software so I don't know how well it works although I have seen it referred to numerous times.

    Mount EXT4, EXT3 Or EXT2 Partitions In Windows 7 Or XP ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog

    Are you still using the Fedora Grub to boot windows 8? More specifics on what you did with "Grub customizer" might help. Changing your Grub configuration is not going to effect the use of your keyboard or mouse or the BIOS. Do you have Secure boot enabled or disabled? If you could change the boot priority to boot a CD/DVD, you should be easily able to access Fedora and make any necessary changes. Do you have another keyboard/mouse you can try? Not sure what you mean by not having power??

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    I have downloaded and looked at them, but without sucsess it dint realy helped me.
    I can mount them but windows want to format it before entering the volume...
    And i also saw a strange thing in that tool, the filesystem is RAW, not sure if this is normal...

    Im using GRUB2, when i had installed my fedora system that was on the first entry,
    While i had no power at the start untill the OS boot up i could not choose other OS in the GRUB menu, so i was always watiing to end the countdown.
    I have found GRUB2 Costumizer that can change entry orders.
    I have moved Windows 8 at the top and after restart windows 8 shows at the first place, and it boot into there.
    Noting else i did.

    I know that changing the grub config files wont help the problem that i cant use mouse and keyboard at the startup untill the OS starts.
    Once again, i do NOT have power in my Keyboard AND mouse untill the OS starts, so i am not able to enter the BIOS at all.
    This happend when i replaced my PSU, all of the USB ports are fried, and now im using usb ports from a PCI card, but please dont talk about this, im stil dont feel well when i remeber this...

    Other keyboards are tested and no luck, i even bringed my pc to school to test some stuff and the result was some parts of the motherboard was fried, NO idea why.
    The same PSU, same Wattage, everthing was correct...

    still got any idea's for me?
    I got some very important data on the linux partition so i dont want to format it

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    The probllem is primarily that you cannot change the BIOS settings to boot from CD/DVD or usb so you don't have the usual solution of booting a Linux Live CD to make the necessary changes. You might be able to use EasyBCD to make the changes but I don't know if they have software which works on windows 8 and the last time I checked, it was no longer a free download. No other suggestions.

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