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Thread: F19 Join to AD

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    F19 Join to AD


    I have a fresh install of F19, neither 'realm join' works:

    [root user]# realm join -U admin.thorley
    See: journalctl REALMD_OPERATION=r1095.2735
    realm: Cannot join this realm
    [root user]# journalctl REALMD_OPERATION=r1095.2735
    -- Logs begin at Fri 2013-07-12 13:15:06 BST, end at Wed 2013-07-17 21:37:33 BST. --
    Jul 17 21:37:12 simonpc-fed.home.local realmd[2738]:  * Resolving: _ldap._tcp.home.local
    Jul 17 21:37:12 simonpc-fed.home.local realmd[2738]:  * Performing LDAP DSE lookup on:
    Jul 17 21:37:12 simonpc-fed.home.local realmd[2738]:  ! Received invalid or unsupported Netlogon data from server
    [root user]#
    And also samba-tool from samba4 seems to be missing so no domain join there. Do i have to go back to the manual config of smb.conf, krb5.conf, etc and then do a 'net ads join' again or am i missing something?

    p.s. i have a fedup'd F18 to f19 that was joined to AD using realmd before upgrade and that is still working fine on the domain (including realm leave and realm join).

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have not tried this yet, but I might do so later today/this week and let you know the results. Anyway, according to this: Active Directory client software
    you need to specify that you want to use Winbind if you're using samba. Obviously, winbind must be installed.

    This is my gripe with RH/Fedora. They make a lot of great tools, but don't always tell you what pieces need to be in place to use them. Interested to hear if this works before I try it (haven't dl'd F19 yet).

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    Okay, because I'm a nice guy, I have worked this all out
    I have installed F19 stable from Netinstall CD using minimal install, no desktop. Make sure your network and DNS settings are working, obviously.

    To successfully join a Windows 2008r2 AD domain using NTLMv2, I have done the following:
    yum install realmd
    realm discover --verbose

    That will tell you what software you need to install (samba-common doesn't show up, but it will if you try to join a domain and it's not installed).
    yum install sssd oddjob oddjob-mkhomedir adcli samba-common
    realm join --client-software=sssd -U mydomainadmin
    That should prompt for a password, and if successful, absolutely nothing will be displayed on STDOUT.
    To test if you have successfully joined the domain, use
    getent passwd EXAMPLE\\mydomainuser
    and you should get a long passwd line.

    Now, if you want to only allow certain users to log in, you can run the next two commands:
    realm deny --all
    realm permit

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi Mizzle,

    Thanks for your efforts, much appreciated. I have used realmd a few times previously without any real struggle and have setup a lot of ad integrated linux machines before. It just seems that in F19 they thought that F18 realm join command was too easy and decided to make it more complicated.

    I will walk through your post when I get home and let you know the results.

    Thanks again

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    I'm afraid I get the same error on both discover and join commands. Starting to think it might be server side so gonna do some more testing with another domain member.

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    I have setup 2 VM's. A Win7 and F19, both fresh installs.

    The windows 7 machine joined the domain fine but i have the same fault with the F19..

    I did a wireshark capture and found that there were 2 LDAP search query done during the 'realm discovery' conversation.

    The 1st query was a search for the defaultNamingContext and supportedCapabilities attributes. This got a successful search response packet and a result of 1.

    the 2nd query was a search for the NetLogon attribute. This also got a successful search response packet but it had a result of 0 so no attribute details.

    This seems to correspond to the original error message:

    ! Received invalid or unsupported Netlogon data from server
    I am not sure if the is the direct fault of the failure but after the search result there are 4 other TCP packets including FIN's and ACK's and thats it. End of conversation.


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