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    fedora 18 kde help with some simple setups

    hi. after months of triing multiple linux distros i have finally found one that works and that i like. it is fedora 18 kde. i have a few issues that i just cant seem to figure out, i have done alot of searchs but no luck.

    1. in the grub loader i have to use the second option to login 1st option locks up regularly so how can i change the boot priority to the second option so it loads automatically??

    2. the kde wallet always asks for a password when i first login how can i get it to just automatically login. it is for the wifi i think.

    3. how do i change the wallpaper?? normally its just a right click and change but for some reason i cant figure it out.

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    To change the default option, open as root user the file /etc/default/grub and you will see a line near the top of the file similar to the one below:

    In this case, Grub counts from zero so replace the zero with a one (1) to have the second entry boot by default.
    Don't know about kde wallet as I never use it.
    Not sure about Fedora, but when I use KDE I right click the Desktop and select Folder View Settings and a new window opens: Desktop Settings Plasma Desktop Shell and in the left window is "View" which when highlighted or selected shows Wallpaper in the right window. Click the down arrow on that tab and you can make a number of selections including image and slideshow.

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    k got all that figured out.

    now got a few other questions. is there a master shortcut for the volume control?? i can change it in the kdemixer but it only works when i am running the mixer and it resets to default when i reboot.

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