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    Changing wallpaper via script with latest version of cinnamon

    Hello, I just upgraded from fedora 17 to fedora 19 and as well upgraded my cinnamon to 1.8

    Because cinnamon has dropped the use of GNOME to change the desktop, Im wondering if anyone here knows what has replaced it? I had a script that would change my desktop background using gsettings:

    gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background

    However this no longer works with cinnamon 1.8 Does anyone know how to change the background via terminal?


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    i don't have cinnamon currently installed, so can't test it, but does the discussion here on LinuxMint's Cinnamon github site apply to your situation? One poster makes mention of gsettings and there seems to be a change in the background directory structure.

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    This might work for you:

    chbg -once -mode maximize ~/gfx/wallpaper.jpeg

    for example. 'man chbg' will show you the ton of options it has. It can run once or hang around and keep changing the background every 30 seconds if that's your style.

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    Well I tried your command and chbg is not a valid command. What package do I need to install? I did a yum search for chbg but nothing came up.
    I have also created a bug report on github about my background problem so maybe the devs know the solution.

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    I found the solution. For fedora 19 they changed the command to the following:

    gsettings set org.cinnamon.background
    This made my script work wonderfully

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    excellent! glad you got it sorted, and thanks for posting your solution.

    marking as Solved.

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