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    failed to start wait for plymouth boot screen to quit


    I will keep it short:
    after i done a update (to 3.11 if im right) my system woont boot anymore...
    what is the best thing that i can do right now?


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    Boot your system into run level 1 or 3 and start disabling services. I had an openstack install that barfed after an update one time and my system failed to boot.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I am not sure what you exactly mean with ''run level 1-3'' never heard before, and never done it...
    and about disabling services... how i supposde do that?
    i know how to stop a service, but turning off, i have no clue....


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    sorry for the duplicate post but i need to bump this thread..

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    Once again, Bump.

    It seems that this problem is hard to dedect.
    I will take action right now and will try to solve my problem all alone.
    If i was able to solve my problem, i will write it down, for somebody else that has the problem...


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    to start a runlevel type init "runlevel" ie: to start runlevel 1 type init 1. youd probably want runlevel 3. it only allows the command line and networking. if networking is a problem then try 2 or 1. the second runlevel is the same but it doesnt start networking services. the first allows only root to login. to disable/enable a service use chkconfig "service" "on/off" ie: chkconfig network off
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    sorry to boot from grub edit the grub menu entry and add the runlevel you want ie 1, 2, or 3 to the end of the kernel line good luck
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