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    Extending Partition

    Hi there,
    My knowledge of Linux is kind of limited, I'm still learning, but I was given a VPS with the root partition sized at 2GB loaded with CentOS. After installing some things (Apache, vsftpd, etc) that 2GB filled up and now it is full and causing problems. When I was given the VPS it had an unformatted 500GB partition which I mounted at /storage. Is there anyway for me to extend the 2GB root partition into the 500GB partition?
    Thank you!

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    2GB is far too small for a modern OS. You'll need a bootable USB flash drive or a CD drive, with some Linux OS on it. There are a number available. PartedMagic is perhaps the best choice. Download it, burn it to a flash drive or CD, boot from it, and it will let you change the partitions as necessary. First shrink the larger partition, then expand the small partition to fill the unallocated space. It might take awhile to shrink the large partition, depending on how much data is on it, but be patient. I would recommend no less than 32GB for the rootfs partition, and more is better. While you're at it, you can, if you wish, make a third partition, which could hold /home, so your configuration and other data are safe in case you decide to install another distro, or the CentOS install gets fubar'd. Not necessary, but an available choice.

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    Alright. When I partition my dedicated servers I usually make the root partition 30GB during install and I have never had to deal with this problem. The issue for this current instance is that its a VPS and booting some form of external media isn't possible (for me at least). So my question is, will ultimately the host have to reformat the instance and set up the partitions more appropriately (a reformat isn't a big deal, I just want to make sure its something the host has to take care of)?
    Thank you so much!

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    Back up your files and have the host reformat. I'm not sure why they would have created a 2gb partition in the first place. Generally VPS's have all storage allocated in one disk.

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