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    h**perf.parse_status_line: invalid status line `<html>'!!

    I've set up a server on Digital Ocean and chose the CentOS 6.4 image. I installed nginx and placed a basic index.html. I can see the home page but I've tried to do some load testing using h**perf from my laptop which runs Fedora using ...

    h**perf --server (ip address omitted) --port 80 --uri index.html --rate 300 --num-conn 300 --num-call 1 --timeout 5

    and I've been getting the error ...

    h**perf.parse_status_line: invalid status line `<html>'!! (for all 300 calls)

    and zero replies

    Total: connections 300 requests 300 replies 0 test-duration 2.066 s

    I'm guessing I'm missing something or configured something wrong on the server/index.html - I've googled the error but haven't found the answer as yet.

    Any ideas ?

    PS have had to remove "tt" in all "h**perf" refs to pass moderator issues as not posted 15 times yet

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    I'm no expert in httperf - in fact I've never used it - but that error you're seeing suggests you have some invalidly formed html in your web pages. Quite often browsers are pretty forgiving about html errors, but test tools are strict about it on purpose.

    You might want to just check that your page contains the basic format of:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML><html><head>...</head><body>...</body></html>
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    Thanks for the reply Roxoff,

    yes just checked that and all seems correct and in the standard HTML format - I'm seeing in places there's a "/" that needs to be in a particular place but just trying to work out what that is and where to find it on my config.

    Is there any other load balancing software people might be able to suggest ? Been looking at Piranha ...


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    I think I sorted it - I changed the command slightly to look at /var/www/index.html and the error stopped - not 100% sure why this stopped the error as I would imagine h**perf would look in what I thought was the default home page location but that's what I changed and the error no longer appears. I'm sure I'll find out the reason at some point - and when I do I'll post it here - but until then I'll be happy in the fact it's now reporting what I want it to.

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