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    Upgrading to Fedora 20

    Anybody has already upgraded to Fedora 20? I'm currently running F19 and would like to know of any issues you might had encountered.


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    It went fine on my desktop computer but even though it initially appeared to go just as well on my laptop, it really didn't!

    I somehow ended up with a mix of packages from 19 and 20, and icons missing, GTK themes looking really ugly and screen redrawing when moving windows around tearing like it was the 1990s. I eventually got fed up with trying to sort it all out as it felt like I was uninstalling an reinstalling way too much so I bit the bullet and did what I expected to have to do anyway. A clean install.

    On the plus side, I have discovered that the Nouveau drivers are man enough to handle everything I will throw at them so I no longer need the Nvidia binaries.
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    Thanks. I just upgraded and everything went really smooth, no problems!!

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