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    utorrent server centos 6.5

    Hello everyone
    I was tried to install utorrent server on centos 6.5 with this guide :
    Linux in My Box: Utorrent Server on Linux, Step by Step How To

    but everytime when I was going to start utorrent server, I got these error messege :
    /opt/utorrent/utserver: /usr/lib64/ version `OPENSSL_1.0.0' not found (required by /opt/utorrent/utserver)
    /opt/utorrent/utserver: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.16' not found (required by /opt/utorrent/utserver)
    /opt/utorrent/utserver: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by /opt/utorrent/utserver)
    /opt/utorrent/utserver: /usr/lib64/ version `OPENSSL_1.0.0' not found (required by /opt/utorrent/utserver)

    I also tried to install openssl and openssl-devel and openssl098e.i686 but it didn't solve the problem...

    can anyone helping me out?

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    are you on a 64-bit system? b/c it appears like you aren't (or why did you install openssl.i686?).

    the binary torrent package you downloaded and ran definitely is compiled for a 64-bit system (note that "lib64" in the path of the files not found).

    your best bet would be to:

    1. compile from source for your platform

    2. find a binary package of utorrent for your architecture (64-bit vs 32-bit/i686)

    3. install the rpmforge repo and install one of the many torrent clients they have (bittorrent, ktorrent, rtorrent, etc.)

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