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    Problem With FC5 and Sata Drive.

    Hi guys, I need some guidance. I'm doing an installation of FC5 on a new machine, the machine carries the H81 chipset. When I make the installation the installer did not detect the hard drive, it work with the options all-generic-ide irqpoll.
    I know that this version of fedora is outdated, but we have a proprietary application that only works with this distro. The problem is that by using the options above ("all-generic-ide, irqpoll") the computer does not behave as it should. The other computer hardware is 4 pci cards, including several moxas an acquisition and a separate card.

    Any suggestions to incorporate sata controller driver

    PS: sorry for my bad English.

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    Hi and welcome

    You will not get this ancient OS to run on relatively new hardware without quite a lot of effort.
    At the very least you would need to inject a newer kernel, and probably a newer glibc.
    Which then might lead to complications, because glibc is the basis of almost all other binaries.
    Even if you somehow manage that, you will end up with a one-of-a-kind system, that is basically unmaintainable.

    A call for support (like the current one) will end with the following sentence:
    "I would suggest to run a recent and supported distribution, update that proprietary application or replace it."
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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    Irithori is quite right.

    Have you tried running the program you need FC5 for using the the compatiblilty libraries on a new Linux?
    I would suggest trying CentOS 6, for its long support cycle, with the compat-libstdc++ rpms installed. These provide compatible symbols for old versions of programs.
    Without knowing exactly why the program needs FC5, this would be my best guess, but there are other compatiblilty libraries for other things, too. One of them many do the trick.

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