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    Red face DNS with DLZ configuration

    I am new to Linux world and learning Redhat.
    I have a lab setup of RHEL 6 with BIND 9.8.2rc1-RedHat-9.8.2-0.10.rc1.el6, it is my Master DNS server and i heard about configuring DNS with DLZ for dynamic updates without restarting or reloading the service but i cant find any proper documentation on how to do that. So it will be really help full for me if some one guide me on it. I dont have any database also and i am not familiar with database in linux.

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    Hi and welcome

    The documentation is here
    BIND DLZ Home

    However, I would not recommend this approach in your case.
    dlz essentially adds a database as zone backend.
    The logic is that you dont have to reload a zone or restart the dns server to make changes available.

    The problems are
    - you are new to linux and dlz will complicate the setup
    - you are not familiar with databases on which dlz relies
    - this bind-dlz is not available via the default repository, which means install, configure and maintenance and security patches need to be done by you.

    Plus, imho there is no need for dlz at all.
    - you can reload a zone without restarting bind. The impact is minimal, even for multiple thousands of records.
    - To avoid that a zone gets not loaded in case there is a syntax error in the zone file:
    a) It is adviced to have multiple dns. So if you see that a syntax error breaks one, dont try and restart the others
    b) It is quite common to have a "hidden primary", which would catch syntax errors.

    Short explanation:
    - A hidden primary is a dns master with multiple dns slaves.
    - Only the slaves are meant to be queried by clients (e.g. given via dhcp)
    - Zone file editing and changes only happen on the hidden primary, preferably via git and puppet (or similar revision control and automation tools)

    The advantage is:
    The hidden primary can break anytime.
    This will have no impact on the network.
    But once a zone is succesfully modified, the master will notify its slaves and the new records are available.
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