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Thread: Date update

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    Date update

    Hello, I have a rhel 6.3 server that i need to update the time.

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    Thu Aug  7 17:01:30 EDT 2014
    but time should be in CDT like below..
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    Thu Aug  7 15:04:16 CDT 2014
    I tried to update /etc/localtime and /etc/sysconfig/clock and also tried to set the date -s option. But neither of them work. How would I change the date& time. I will have to do via command line. Thanks.

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    Problem is with your time zone it looks like... It's off by the right amount of hours. You need to

    rm -rf /etc/localtime
    ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/whateveryourtimezoneis /etc/localtime
    If you want to set the clock/date from the CLI manually. To set it to todays date/time (I'm in PST)

    date -s "7 AUG 2014 14:24:00"
    I apologize if I misunderstood your issue. Let me know if that works...If not I'm sure i can help you with a solution.

    Also, do you have ntp installed & ntpd on & pointed somewhere? If you have NTP setup & you get the timezone in localtime set properly then you should be able to get NTP to do the rest.

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    Thanks. That did work. By the way I do have ntp configured yet. Thanks again.

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