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    shrinking the redhat linux disk size vmware

    I am a newbie in redhat and vmware. Can anyone help me on how to shrink a disk size of of redhat virtual machine. I have a virtual machine of 200 Gb with filesystem /root = 70G , /var = 30 G, swap= 64G /boot= 1G . /appl = 35G .

    I am trying to reduce to 150Gb.

    I am flexible with reducing any of filesystem above mentioned. How do i do it on the linux vm and also will the vmdk file size decrease after i reduce the filesystem. If not what is the procedure?

    Thanks in advance.

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     /root = 70G , /var = 30 G, swap= 64G /boot= 1G . /appl = 35G .
    Sorry, 64G swap is really strange. I never came across so much swap partition. Depending on your RAM size, create the swap partition. In past the formula is
    "twice of RAM size". But later this formula is not really valid, people suggest half-of RAM size is enough.

    Even if you are using 32GB RAM, you can safely reduce the swap partition.

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    What filesystem. If it is XFS forget shrinking. BTW, /boot 1 GB is also way too large.
    Anyhow, since this is RHEL you should give them a call, you are paying money to them, let them earn it.

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    The VMware documentation goes into this in detail. Before you ask us, please RTFM!
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