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    i have seen this -

    if you read the answer by mitch he has made a script that does this with echo commands

    but when i try it and run it on my linux box i just get 33, 66, 100% with the hashes, how can i get this to count up from 1-100

    also how can i implement this with my copy command "cp -r /source /dest"

    many thanks,


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    sorted it,

    yum remove rsync

    installed it by untarring it cd'd into the dir and running "./" "make" "make install"

    and now i get the result i wanted -

    [root@robw-linux data]# rsync -a --info=progress2 call_the_midwife_7_1708/ new/
    14,874,971,690 44% 27.58MB/s 0:10:48 xfr#16, to-chk=2/143)

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