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I am in the process of building a nice server now. It will have a U320 card in a PCI X slot. I just think with enough debugging, that I'll figure out what's wrong with the 16 byte commands since, according to the notes on the 7892 chipset, it supports 16 byte comands. I have to wait on a U320 cable, then I'll install an operating system. Perhaps I SHOULD listen to you habit and install a differetn OS on this new machine that's sitting next to me but for which I have to buy a monitor. I'm not against using a different OS for these tape drives - what wyoud be better to use? Different flavor of REdhat, Ubuntu, Mint? These machines are not brand new machines - I don't know if that matters or not.
cripes, dude....PICK ONE. youve been at this for 7 months, and you ignore everyone whos told you this time after time. your using old junk and are surprised it doesnt work.

want advice? get a current distro that is FREE. load it. dont use that old crap scsi card or junkyard tape drive because theres no point.