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Thread: themes install

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    themes install

    hi all,

    i dont know if this has already been answered. if it has, i pray someone point me to the url.

    well here's my question.

    i just want to know how to install new themes to my fc3 gnome. i was successful in installing the login screen themes, changing wallpapers etc..but i want to make my fc3 gnome look like os x. i had done this on my pc using some theme...xpblinds or something and i want to do something similar on my linux. please help me.

    also can someone demystify this metacity, sawfish, windows maker etc etc for me.

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    To install new themes for your GNOME

    You can download themes from those website and to install the themes I believe they have detail instruction there.

    To make your gnome works just like MacOS, you have to install some dock files which I hate to tell you might drag down the performance.

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    i've been to that site before...but i didnt find any 'detailed' instructions on how to install the themes....

    the login screen themes are easy to install...i just go to the login screen in the fedora start menu and say install theme pointing to the theme i just downloaded....

    but it doesnt work similarly for the themes i am talking about....

    also metacity sawfish....????

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    This is how I made my desktop look like Mac OSX

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