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    hi, did you get it done ok?

    1. open up a gnome-terminal and as a normal user type:

    2. if there is a message saying switchdesk-gui is not installed, you need to type (as root):
    yum install switchdesk-gui

    then as a normal user try step 1 again.

    3. when the switchdesk window pops up ok, choose kde.

    4. restart computer.
    n.b. kde should then be the default desktop for sessions when you next start x (the standard graphics server started near the end of boot up, a basic way to restart x is just reboot ).

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    The way that I would do it would be: use that little button that you spoke of and log in. Use the K menu our it may still be a red hat. go to preferances>more preferances and select Desktop Switching tool click on the bullet next to KDE and hit ok. log out and log in normally. That should do it. You may have to totally restart X. There is a nifty way to do that by killing that runlevel or something but you might find it much easier to reboot.

    I'm sure that any of these others will probably work but this seems simple for someone who is just getting their feet wet.


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