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    Copying files from Windows to Linux

    Prolly been answered 100 times before, but I searched and couldn't find anything.

    I have a dual boot on my PC (120GB HDD partitioned to 100GB Windows, 20GB Linux). I would like to switch those around, to be 20GB Windows and 100GB Linux. But I'm not here to ask about partition help.

    What I would like to know how to do is copy some Windows files over to my Linux partition. Some utilities I've found only let you do copies from two seperate computers, over a network (or similar) and was wondering if there's a relatively painless way to copy files from my Windows partition to my Linux partition.

    I'm running Fedora Core 3 (fully updated last night), and would like to copy files from Windows XP.


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    If it is written in fstab you don't need any utilities.
    try this it works for me
    df -h
    it should have /dev/hda1 and so forth and one should have one that is ntfs or win or something to that affect try as root to
    cd /ntfs #or whatever is the windows equiv.
    Mine works then I can move or copy files like this
    mv cool.mp3 /home/me
    then the mp3 is now in my linux home dir
    Good luck I hope this makes since to you.
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    If you want to resize your partitions, you can't do that in windows or fedora. Google for a partition resizer that handles ntfs and ext partitions.

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    Greetings there...
    what i learnt from my copying experience...
    pardon me i'll be using the word partitioning here as it is important to complete the process of copying...

    -get to know the size of your common files(hope they are not .exe's)
    -as you would be 'switching' the OSes, put the common files onto a newly created partition that can accomodate the common files OR write them on CD-RW whichever seems easy/feasable.
    -next pop in your win cd.. install it to partition other than the one that holds your backed up data.
    -next pop in your lin cd and install. (the order here is important)
    -last copy your data onto your lin/win partition or keep them on a win partition so that you may access them from either of the two.

    To simply state, its as easy as copying files on any OS. the process was necessary so that one may not loose the files... if you are used to programming its like swapping two variables by using a temporary variable!!!

    i hope i don sound confusing!

    On second thoughts, if you are happy with your current partitions, you could do the following to access files on your win partition from lin.

    you could mount your partition onto linux and browse then as you would do in Windows Explorer.
    for mounting details see
    man mount
    man umount
    on linux command line.
    for drive equivalents google...

    hope that helps...


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