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    Help on installing usb flash drives in red hat linux 9


    1st of all thx 4 letting me in to this frm Sri lanka a tiny island in the indian currently a undergrad majoring in IT in a uni over here. and we are using linux to do programming in c++. but im new to linux and i dant have any root access to the machine. but im wondering whether there is any possibility of installing a usb flash drive so i can download stuff to my usb 4 future reference.


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    You might want to read this tutorial:, but since you hvae no root access, you most likly will have to ask the System Administartion to set up the computers so that you can use the mount command to mount the flash drive, to mount the command will be simmilar to
    mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbflash
    I hope this helps a bit;

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    well i tried it but when i tried to creat the folder usbflash i didnt give permission to do i guess i should ask the administrator.

    but thankz any ways.

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    Re: thx

    Quote Originally Posted by nirVaan
    well i tried it but when i tried to creat the folder usbflash i didnt give permission to do i guess i should ask the administrator.

    but thankz any ways.
    you could just make the folder in you /home directory
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    i had the same probelm, and someone from the forums helped me out. i am copying and pasting the procedure and the commands below. it worked for me, should work for you too.

    First plug your usb card reader and to make sure your device was detected go to System Tools > Hardware Browser > enter root password and it will display your hardware information then go to > Hard Drives and it should be listed under /dev/sda.

    Open your favorite terminal....btw this works in gnome and kde.

    [imdeemvp@localhost imdeemvp]$ cd /mnt/ <-as user cd yourself to the mnt folder and become root to create directory
    [imdeemvp@localhost mnt]$ su
    [root@localhost mnt]# mkdir usbflash <- this created a directory in the mnt folder

    [root@localhost mnt]# ls /mnt/ <-this command listed all my directories the mnt folder
    cdrom cdrom1 floppy usbflash

    [root@localhost mnt]# mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbflash <-this is the command to mount flash card reader

    [root@localhost mnt]# ls usbflash <-this listed all the info in my usb flash card and this was the output:
    bootex.log dns.bmp games and keys LinuxDocs01.21.04 pc's
    dns2.bmp Documents LinuxDistributions_eBay my pics programs

    then i just copied this to my home folder and i was done!

    [root@localhost mnt]# umount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbflash <-this unmounted my usb flash card
    umount: /dev/sda1: not mounted
    [root@localhost mnt]# exit
    [imdeemvp@localhost mnt]$

    THIS ALSO WORKED UNDER Mandrake 9.1, 9.2, and 10 official.

    in terminal type as root: gedit /etc/fstab and NOW YOU CAN ADD THIS LINE TO FSTAB to auto mount it:

    /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbflash vfat noauto,users,rw,umask=0 0 0

    Adding "rw" allows to read and write in the usb flash drive. HAVE FUN!! Fedora Core 3 detects the flash drive automatically. Its plug and play there.

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