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    Minimum power consumption

    I have my computer running as a server and I want to know if there are any power settings that will make the computer run but use very little power. Im new to linux so can someone help me out here.

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    All i can think of is having it running constantly in run level 3.

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    can you explain this to me since Im new to linux

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    Well did you knjow that linux can run at different levels? 0,1,2,3,4,5 and 6. 0 is off, 1 is single user mode CLI, 2 multi user without networking CLI, 3 is multi user with networking CLI, 4 user define, 5 multi user networking and GUI and 6 i reboot. If you run LINUX in run level 3, it can achieve all of your networking tasks, but without using lots of computer resources and hopefully less electric. To go into run level 3, go into the terminal and type 'init 3'. To get back to the familiar GUI type 'init 5'.
    To permanently change your run level edit the etc/inittab and change the default run level value to 3.
    type vi /etc/inittab and there should be a line that says default level: then a number. Change this number to three.
    Ps DO NOT change the default level to 0 or 6. It is not very good at all. Think you can suss out why.

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    to have ur pc always run in init level 3 .........(remember the default runlevel is 5)

    1) go to konsole
    2) get root access (by typing 'su')
    3) then go to dir '/etc'
    4) here modify the file named something like 'inittab' using a vi editor or any other editor like kate (kate filename)
    5) in that file ull find the runlevel set to 5...change it to 3
    6) after making this change ur pc will always start in init level 3
    7) to revert this to level 5...change the inittab file again
    but remember u must know how to use text editor from console
    9) as per my knowledge i use vi ......

    some tips to vi...

    press i for insert mode...then make changes
    after that press ':' the colon key on keyboard the cursor goes down
    then type 'wq' .....i.e. write and quit

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    Ok I will check that out when I have a chance. I usually use gedit to edit things. Which is better?

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    Dunno really. I'm a noob myself and have never heard of gedit. With vi though its easy enough. type vi /etc/inittab then when the script comes up hit 'i' for insert. Then move to what you want to edit. When you have done hit 'escape' then ':' and you should get a line at the bottom. type wq then enter and the deed is done.

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    I used vi once. I like gedit since it is simple ( like notepad on windows). And for editing .tpl files and other stuff it color codes things

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