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    How to mount an XFS partition with user privilages??

    I am setting up a box with a XFS formatted partition (as a logical volume) to be mounted at /video. however, I cannot seem to be able to mount this volume so that my regular user can write to it. I looked at man mount, and it seems that there is no umask or uid option available for xfs.

    Does anyone know how to change the permissions of a xfs formatted volume?


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    Possible Solution

    Try Opening User and Group settings. On your normal username, click properties, click on the tab "Groups" and see if there is a group representing your new partition. If you can't see it, put yourself in all the groups. If this doesn't work, post again.

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    Piece of advice- Don't ever use XFS unless you have a VERY VERY fast system with extremely good hardware support.
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    Thanks alan for the tip. There is indeed an xfs group.

    Storm: why do you say that? I am using XFS because of the supposed performance gains for large files as this machine will be running mythTV.

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