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    Shady booting issues

    I'm running FC 3 dual booted with Windows XP (on separate physical drives), have just managed after days of effort to install the nvidia drivers correctly However, I have been (and still am) having issues booting - the process gets to the "Remounting file system in read/write mode" This line says [OK] at the end, so I assume it's going through okay, but then the machine stops - keystrokes are echoed to the screen, but nothing does anything!

    I'm not certain, but I think there may be an issue with unmounting my drive during the shutdown process.

    I've not used LVMs this time - just created three partitions on the disk ( / , swap and /boot) This was due to hanging occurring at the scanning for volumes step - again, not sure why this was happening.

    I'm writing this from inside Linux, so clearly there is not a critical problem going on here. Any ideas what's going on?

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    When you boot, when the initial stuff streams by, there is a header that says something like "Welcome to Fedora Core 3" and below that something like "Press I for interactive startup". If you press I, it will ask you if you want to do each step. Then you might see which step is causing the problem. If you are able to get the system going with no major problem, the system is probably trying to load some service that you don't need anyways. In the graphic screen, if you select application->system tools (or is it system settings?)->server setup (or something like that) you will see the list of services running and you should be able to unclick the one causing the problem. Make sure you are editing the right runlevel. Save it and then next time you boot, things may go more smoothly.
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