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    Is there any need for spyware prevention on FC3? If so where can I get this software?

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    hahaha, no _way_, I've never even heard of antispyware for linux, except on linspire... uke: , there's no need, as linux is so much more secure than windoze and most hackers don't attack linux systems, not only because of the security, but because most people are still using windblows. but to answer your question, no, because there really isn't a need for it.

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    There are a few reasons that spyware is not an issue on *nix based systems

    • 1) Permissions: same reasons virus' tend to be useless, without extra passwords, a normal user cannot write to much beyond the equivilent of thier own My Documents directory, whilt this could still be a pain, not nearly the same level as a crashed system.

      2)General Design: *nix systems are purebread multi-tasking machines, the windows kernel added it more as an afterthought, basicaly, gaining access to a *nix machine via loopholes on servers running on the machine, much more difficult

      3) Obscurity: I hate to say it, but becuase of the low number of desktop linux users, it is simply not profitable to target them, also the adverage linux user is so much more proficent, that the 'Enter back account number and password for $500' scams are easily noticable, and Linux machines are often highly customized, enough that locating files worth snooping would become tedious

      4)IE and Outlook do not run well on Linux, thus 97% of all spyware/virus attacks are obsolete.
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