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I can never get the updater to get past the portion where it installs the packages it always locks up. Can anyone help me?...
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    Fedora Core 3 never finishes updates

    I can never get the updater to get past the portion where it installs the packages it always locks up. Can anyone help me?

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    Up2date has kind of questionable performance at best. But take a look at this faq - . Look for the section on yum and follow the directions. It's as easy as
    yum update
    I have had great results with it. And using the repositories you can install tons of additional software painlessly.

    Also if you use it and like it, here's a gui front end to yum that I found a little while ago that I really like.

    Yum Extender 0.31

    How-to use:


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    First of all, I'm not asking this to start a flame war, neither do I want to offend any yum user.
    I would just like to understand why you're using it...
    Is their anything it does, Apt couldn't do already(and even better)?

    I've always(since conectiva) used Apt(and now Synaptic) on RH/Fedora.
    I still fail to understand why I whould even consider using this new Yum tool...
    Please enlighten me.

    I personally recommend to remove all RHN tools and use DAG's Apt instead:

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    I use yum because when I first upgraded to fc1 up2date gave me the same problems that the post is about. After doing some google searchs and looking around I found the faq that I linked to and discovered yum through it. And have been very happy with it. Plus it's already installed by default on fc3. All you need to do is download the yum.conf from the faq and use it. And Dags repo is fully avalible through yum.

    But why would I want to run apt/synaptic? What can it do that yum can't? Yum updates my system and lets me install any software on Dag's or many other repos.

    And as stated above, I am not trying to start a flame war. I haven't used apt so I can't actually compare, but yum has always served me well and never done me wrong.

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    That is a big 10-4 on poor up2date preformance. If it is only one or 2 packages usually it works fine but anymore than that is just puke. I use yum upgrade more often than not because update doesn't obsolete packages the same way. Anymore I just use that little red circle to tell me when to go to a v-term. As for apt- it works but it reminds me of debian. I don't like debian for some reason. It just doesn't agree with me.


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