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    Fedora Core 3 runs Like a Snail

    OK, I am dual booting Fedora Core 3 (Install Everything Option) with Windows XP on a desktop PC with an AMD AthlonXP 2800+ and 512mb DDR RAM. I have partitioned 20Gb off my 120Gb hard drive and partitioned it into a 100mb /boot partition (ext3) at 1024mb swap partition and a 18476mb / (root) partition (ext3). I installed it with no problems but when I try and boot linux, it takes about 15 minutes, 10 of those being for 'Enabling Swap Space' and the rest just general bootup, when I finally get in it takes about 3 minutes to log on and then everything takes forever to open and it runs really slowly, it takes a minute to open a document! Why is this happening, can anybody help me?

    Thanks in Advance,


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    have you run another distro of linux before? If not you should know that linux boots and runs differently than microsoft. Some things may seem slower but many many other things are much faster. Linux in general seems to take longer to boot because it is showing you what it is doing instead of showing you some screen telling you to be patient. If this is a fresh install of FC3 especially if the images are a little older the first thing that I recomend that you do is go to a v-term CTRL-ALT-F1 login as root and type "yum upgrade" this will update your system with all of the latest fixes for fc? You can do this in X but whenever you do a large update *I have noticed* that update kind of hangs. Well honestly it always seems to have issues as far as I'm concerned. You might want to download a copy of Knoppix and see if that also has similar issues. Knoppix boots and runs right off of your cdrom. If knoppix has issues then you may have swap or hardware issues. Look at This addresses a possible swap issue. Try the procedure given here for corrupted swap issue. Oh and to return to X hit CTRL-ALT-F7. On knoppix it is F5.

    Hope this helps. yum can do wonders.

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